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Dubbed the "CEHo of Burlesque"

Owner & CEO of Metropolitan Studios, The Atlanta School of Burlesque, and The Candybox Revue located in Atlanta, GA, Roula Roulette is a theatrical artist most known for her performances that embody fat vanity, sex positivity, self-love, wacky personal narratives, political think pieces, and sexual exploration. Roula has been teaching Burlesque and preaching the gospel of building body confidence with the Atlanta School of Burlesque since 2013. She received her Sexify® Sensual Movement Certification from Pole la Teaz in 2018 and her Liquid Motion® Certification in 2022. She holds a Master of Arts in Theatrical Production and she has taught movement and her acclaimed Titty Church™ internationally and coast to coast at Universities, festivals, conferences, and private engagements.

Roula is a community organizer and activist in the Atlanta arts scene. Her work honors the legacy of the queer individuals, feminists, and artists who rebelled, organized and created before us by joining people together and building on that legacy - igniting passion, solidarity &  community.

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