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Burlesque 1 - (12 wks)


60 minutes


Registration for the Fall Semester will begin September 2024
This course is available in person only.
All Academy students will also receive a complimentary photo shoot!

This beginner burlesque class familiarizes you with burlesque language and movement, basic jazz dance moves such as three-step turns, pivots, box steps, and stage walks. Ideally, you have taken Burlesque Basics to become familiar with burlesque basics.

As an introduction to the movement skills used in jazz dance, it includes the use of dynamics in rhythm, sustained and percussive tension, and dramatic focus unique to jazz and burlesque. You will learn a fully choreographed routine. This is a chorus/ensemble dance series that focuses on basic burlesque movement within group dance routines.

Please be mindful of your attendance at all classes. Your attendance is essential for the group dance choreography.

Each semester lasts three months, with three different choreographs being taught, one classic and two conceptual/modern. Each class will be taught on the same day every week for 12 weeks, minus holidays.

Students are expected to provide basic dance blacks: black character shoes, black fishnets, black bra, and black shorts.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Three (3) choreographed routines.

  • Movement skills in terms of space, time, and force and reproduce accurately through the movement of your body.

  • Receive a skill evaluation. Those who meet performance criteria may be eligible to perform in smaller studio shows.

  • Analyze a dance performance in terms of choreography, performance, and theatrical elements.

  • Demonstrate clarity of intent while applying kinesthetic principles for all dance elements.

  • Incorporate characterization while maintaining dance form and formation.

What to bring:

  • Dance/character shoes or strapped-toe shoes with a 2-3-inch heel.

  • Other acceptable footwear include jazz flats, salsa shoes or barefoot.

  • Kneepads

  • Water

Included workshops:

  • Burlesque History & Ethics

  • Backstage Etiquette & Professionalism

  • Basic Costume Construction

  • Stage Makeup

  • Wig Techniques

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